Savvy Summer Sailing in Knysna

Savvy Summer Sailing in Knynsa anyone? It gets warm here. Temperatures of high 30’s with humidity are a constant. Humidity can affect sailing, combined with heat it can affect sailors on the water too.

Humidity also affects windspeed. as humidity rises, density decreases. The result is that, for a given wind speed, we sail a little slower due to the air being less dense.

When humidity is high, the rate of evaporation and cooling is much reduced, resulting in it feeling hotter than it is.

Tips for beating the heat on your boat on hot summer days:

  • Mind what you wear: a long sleeve seems illogical but a sweat and UV resistant long can be a life and skin saver. A decent pair of sunglasses are vital for protecting the eyes. Sunscreen and a hat is a no-brainer!
  • Hatch covers: help protect your hatches from ‘crazing’ and extend their life, while also keeping the sun out of your boat.
  • Sunshade: Having a sunshade made for your boat is a fantastic way to keep the heat out of your boat and create shade on your deck.
  • Ventilate inside your boat with a wind scoop.

Be sure to enjoy all that Knysna has to offer but be careful when temperature sore. Happy sailing.

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