Sailing Knysna in Winter? Here’s Why

The Winter chills are around… However, sailing in Winter has its benefits and many skippers prefer it.

The stress and concern that a good majority of skippers feel with crowded water ways and other umm… (drivers?) can be unpleasant. Overseas holiday berthing can be stressful too. Whether it’s the local harbour masters rushing you to park, ending up rafted on the inside with 3 yachts outside and needing to leave at 6am or, worse still, being rafted on the outside and having wake at 3am to let someone out, it can be stressful… Yikes!

Winter sailing, on the other hand, can be a real joy. Wherever you go. Here in Knysna we enjoy a quieter lagoon, pretty much to ourselves and students (need we go on?), less people- less audience to watch you perform maneuvers, crisp blue skies and the sunsets Africa is known for, thermal and waterproof layers of clothing if needed and the warmth of the Knysna Yacht Club fire at the end of the days awesome training. The wind is usually brisk but refreshing and relatively constant throughout the day. Starting a little later than usual can always be discussed with the skipper if the mornings are really really cold. You would end slightly later but really get to en joy the sunset.

Sailing Knysna in Winter

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