Hugh Lugg returns with family to Celebrate Knysna

Thu, 25 Oct 2018 17:04:43 GMT

Passionate artist Hugh Lugg (son of influential and renowned South African artist Jack Lugg with strong roots in Knysna) paid tribute to his late father by returning to Knysna with his family whilst on vacation in South Africa this month, to immerse themselves in this ​special place of paradise.

Half a day offshore sailing with Mark Orpen of Southern Yachting Academy proved to be a very special celebration of both (father) Jack & (son) Hugh’s love for Knysna and the sea and the thrill of navigating the famous Knysna Heads with his family by his side.

Whilst tying knots, reading the sailing instruments, raising the sails, steering the yacht, tacking and gybing, the Luggs’ were smiles all round until the motion of the ocean lured a crew member to the poop deck to `rest a while’.

 “It was a mixture of enjoyment and giddiness for some of us! ‘Calm’ conditions on the Indian Ocean are obviously not the same as the Baltic, which can be like a ‘Feather Bed’ at times! We will see if the girls develop sea legs!’ chided Hugh with a smile after they all received their completion certificates and a cold refreshment at the Knysna Yacht Club after the activity. 

We know that Hugh will be back to explore the boundaries of this fabulous past time of messing around in yachts; and if it is not offshore from Knysna it may well be out on Lake Constance, back home in Switzerland…

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