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Another variant!

For the sake of maintaining uniformity in buoyage system worldwide, IALA divided the world into two regions – Region A and Region B.

Region A includes Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, the Gulf and some Asian countries.  Region B comprises of North, South, Central America, Japan, Korea, and the Philippines.  

While the colour, shape, top marks, light and the rhythm of light identify a buoy / mark, the physical structure can vary greatly.  Check out some interesting examples below.   

Cardinal Marks
Special Marks
Isolated Danger Marks
Safe Water Marks

Making it Happen

With rather favourable sailing weather in Knysna over the past few weeks in October, our Coastal Skipper student group took full advantage.  We are proud of their progress and wish them tons of adventure as they further develop mastering and operating monohulls and catamarans around the world.  Well done sailors, and congrats to Ian Stevens for acquiring a Knysna 480 Catamaran during his sailing course.

Happy sailing holidays!

We’re also pleased to welcome a full boat of Day Skipper Sailors to our final practical of 2021 during November.

This month we’ve also taken the opportunity to do some routine repairs and maintenance on our training vessels – Serendipity and Mercury; sanding, varnishing, respraying, polishing, electrical and electronics, servicing and general continuous improvement; all in the order of business. The results are inspiring and improvements are noticeable.

Wed, 30 Jun 2021 14:39:29 GMT

Winter in the Garden Route boasts calm weather days and a temperate climate with light wind sailing the order of many days.  A great option for those who want to ease into the art of sailing. 


Over 85% of students passed their skipper licenses in the past two months and a load of fun was had by all; especially on the coastal  mileage builder Knysna to St Francis Bay.

Offshore sailing licenses include sail & power, inshore and offshore and start at licensing you once for life; to skipper a vessel up to 15nm off the coast.

Talk to our Captains for more information.

Thu, 20 May 2021 10:02:55 GMT

When five adventure seeking men decide to go sailing together, it results in a week revitalizing the mind, soul and body through activity, laughter, learning,  building relationships and generally  having a blast!

Mark, Michael & Andrew Rushmere, Paul Gregory and Michael Donaldson join Southern Yachting Academy in Knysna for the great escape to complete an Offshore Day Skipper License.

Beware….  these sailors are coming soon to visit some of the best the cruising waters of the world, to continue living life to the full!

Great having you all aboard with us!  Well done skippers.

Knot what you think

Tue, 11 May 2021 04:24:43 GMT

Carrying a good selection of halyards, sheets and lines aboard your sailing yacht is recommended on all offshore sailing passages,

​Useful for gybe prevention, MOB retrieval, towing, stern mooring, spare halyards, sheets and dock lines and literally anything else you can think of.

​Learn to tie various knots on one our Offshore Day Skipper Courses in Knysna


Thu, 18 Mar 2021 17:00:23 GMT

Mark Orpen of Southern Yachting Academy joins  skipper Deon Viljoen on a Pacer 27 in this years’ Round the Island Regatta, on the Vaal Dam, Free State, South Africa.

As national lockdown lifted, it was awesome to see so many entries and 145 yachts finishing the event, despite the wind drop.

“Regatta racing really develops your sailing skills and improves your ability as an offshore yachtsman”  promotes Orpen.


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